Launch And Establishment Of Environmental Clubs In Mukurweini Sub-County, Nyeri County

Pupils keenly following the Deputy Vice Chancellor (ARSA), Prof. P. Aloo-Obudho demonstrating the process of sowing seeds in the seedbed.

Karatina University engaged in an Outreach activity to launch and establish Environmental Clubs in Primary Schools in Mukurweini Sub-County on Friday, 28th September, 2018. This is part of the extended programme and campaigns on environmental education and awareness to young children to safeguard the environment for posterity. It is a programme supported by the Rufford Foundation (UK) which has since seen the establishment of over 25 clubs in Nyeri County in places such as Kieni East, Kieni West, Othaya, Tetu and Mathira East.

Mukurweini Sub-County is one of the sub-counties of Nyeri County, bordering Mathira, Tetu, Othaya and Muranga. The Project Team led by the Coordinator, Prof. P. Aloo-Obudho (DVC-Academic, Research and Student Affairs) mapped 14 schools from the five zones of the sub-county: 1. North Zone- Mweru Primary; Githi Primary; Githunguri Primary and Ndiaini Primary.2. Gikondi Zone-Mutonga Primary; Karaba Primary; Muthuthiini Primary; Kaharo Primary and Nyakahuho Primary. 3. South Zone-Tambaya Primary; Kaheti Primary; Mutwe wa Thi Primary; Karaguririo Primary and Rutune Primary School. Out of the 14 invited schools, 11 came for the event. The pupils and their teachers were picked in the morning and dropped in the evening by the University bus. Each school had a representation of 20 pupils, therefore in total there were over 300 pupils who were engaged in the project. This was out of the courtesy of the Sub-County Director of Education in Mukurweini who highly supported in identifying the schools.

Process of Establishment of the clubs
The event started off by demonstrating to the pupils the process of establishing a seedbed using locally available materials. Thereafter, the team had an interactive educative forum whereby the pupils were taken through the importance of environmental conservation. Pupils were taken through a small oral quiz to test their knowledge on the importance of trees to human life. The few who attempted the quiz were very conversant with the benefits of trees. They were also made aware of caring for their environment in schools and at homes. The issues of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were explained to the pupils and teachers in simple terms to capture their interconnection with the quality life on earth.
During the launch of the Environmental Clubs, it was emphasised that the University will be key in monitoring the activities undertaken by thy schools. The gathering was informed that the club patrons will be trained by Karatina University on management of the clubs at a later date in the year. Technical and material supports for the club will also be provided by the Project Team.

Each of the 11 schools present will be expected to establish a tree nursery and woodlot. To date, there are 36 Environmental Clubs have been established in primary schools in Nyeri County. The University is committed to extending this programmes to all primary schools in the County as part of our outreach activities and commitment to environmental conservation. 
Selected Pictorials for the activity

Learning by doing it. A pupil fills the seedbed with sanding materials as others keenly follow during the launch.

The tree planting session to establish a school woodlot at Muhito Primary School

 ‘United, we can conserve our environment for our own future!’

A cross section of a group photo: The pride of every pupil to plant a tree in their school.

‘Yes, we will…’ Deputy Vice Chancellor (ARSA) Prof. P.Aloo-Obudho in a girl mentorship session for Standard 8 Candidates of Muhito Primary School, Mukurweini Sub-County . She encouraged them to work smart to join Karatina University in the future.

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