The ‘Leadership Safari’

Research has shown that there are specific 21st century skills considered important to succeed in today’s world, particularly in the contemporary career and workplace. Industry players have continued to encourage universities to partner with policy-makers and the private sector so that they can produce graduates who are ready for the market and globally competitive. There is a broad agreement that today’s students need different skills than were  perhaps taught to previous generations, and that cross-disciplinary skills such as writing, critical thinking, self-initiative, group collaboration, and technological literacy are essential to succeed in modern workplace and adult life. While these 21 st  century skills are relevant to all areas of schooling and academic study, the skills may be taught in a wide variety of in-school and out-of- school settings.
A team of graduate faculty in Karatina University, School of Business have developed an initiative dubbed ‘leadership safari’ to equip and mentor students with work relevant skills to ease their integration into the job market and develop an entrepreneurial mindset for job creation. The specific skills that this leadership safari seeks to address are:-

  • Critical thinking
  • Complex problem solving
  • Personal expression
  • Self-direction and planning
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership and teamwork

The leadership safari is to be executed through monthly students’ round table panels with key industry players. Part one of this initiative was launched on Thursday 5 th October, 2017 by Dr. Jonah Aiyabei – Director – Kenya Pipeline Company, Morendat Centre of Exellence in Oil and Gas). He was declared the lead industry contact person for this initiative and has committed to provide all necessary support.

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