Karatina University started the process of establishing a green entrepreneurial culture with the aim of becoming a model green entrepreneurial university not only in Kenya, but world over.
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Public lecture by Dr. Munang’s, currently the Africa Regional Coordinator for Climate Change at UNEP, titled “From Extreme Vulnerability to Competitiveness: Changing the Narrative of Africa’s Development Under the Changing Climate”.
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Karatina University hosted the East Africa Multipliers Lounge conducted in two phases. Phase one was held 3rd to 5th December, 2019. Participants were selected from Universities in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
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Karatina University Coordinated University Leaders Training Workshop II at Lake Naivasha Simba Lodge, Naivasha , 2nd - 5th October, 2019
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Our Vision

To be a University of global excellence, meeting the dynamic needs and development of society.

Our Mission

To conserve, create and disseminate knowledge through, training, research, innovation and community outreach.

Our Programmes

Professional Certificates, Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Masters and PhD programmes

Main Campus

Karatina University Main Campus is Situated 15km North off Karatina town at Kagochi, Karatina, Nyeri County

Karatina University Holds the First Green Innovations Competition

Karatina University has started the process of establishing a green entrepreneurial culture with the aim of becoming a model green entrepreneurial university not only in Kenya, but world over. The University is mandated to train, carry out research and community outreach. This entails conducting trainings that are adaptable to the modern challenges, new and emerging technologies, experiential learning, continuous research and extension. To realize the above objectives, the University has developed a policy on the Green Concept where all the programs, services, projects and products are structured towards sustainable use of natural resources in attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals

Green Innovations competition week is an initiative that aims at stimulating and unleashing entrepreneurship and innovativeness among staff, students and the community of Karatina University. The competition provides the students with an opportunity to make a positive impact on society by addressing environmental issues through social and technological innovations, while contributing to their own economic benefit. The green innovations competition week is an annual activity supported by the University which is led by the Green University Concept Committee under the academic division.

The DVC (A, R & SA), Prof. P. Aloo-Obudho giving her opening remarks, seated next to her is the Chairman of the Green University Committee, Dr. Mugo Mware.

The first competition was held on 22nd November, 2019 where students show cased their green innovative ideas which were graded and the award ceremony was on 19th February, 2020 presided over by the DVC (A,R&SA), Prof. P. Aloo-Obudho on behalf of the Vice Chancellor.

The DVC (A,R&SA) giving her opening remarks, with Dean SPAS, Prof. J. Kinyanjui to her right and the Chairman of the Green University Concept Committee to her left.

The committee received thirteen project applications where eleven projects from the following students were presented for grading:

1. Ann Thuo – SNRES
2. Sharon Jeruto – SESS
3. Vincent/Joseph/Evan/Simon - SAB
4. Nachale Marriam - SNRES
5. Lucy Muthoni - SAB
6. Comfort Maina/Lucy/Grace - SESS
7. Joseph/Kiboke/Wabuti - SAB
8. Mcleod Nyandiga – SPAS
9. Joseph Wambugu - SPAS
10. Rophy Barasa - SAB
11. Kevin/Mary - SPAS

The DVC ( ARSA) and participants of the Green Innovations Competition displaying their certificates

The Winning teams, judges and other members of staff pose for a photo with the DVC ( ARSA)

Judges used a 10-point criteria where a grand score was computed and the average score derived. The judges are members of the green university concept committee whose chair is Dr. Mugo Mware and are drawn from four schools as follows: Dr. Michael Gachahi, SESS; Dr. Josphat Kagema, SESS; Dr. Dennis Maina, SAB; Dr. Kinya Miriti, SOB and Ms. Joan Wakasa Murumba, SPAS. All the students who sent their applications and participated were awarded with certificates of participation. Besides, the winners were presented with cash prizes donated by the Rufford Foundation Project led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ARSA). The winning teams were ranked as indicated below:

1. Ann Thuo - SNRES
2. Kevin/Mary - SPAS
3. Joseph/Kiboke/Wabuti - SAB
4. Vincent/Joseph/Evans/Simon - SAB

The Winner (Ann Thuo) poses with the DVC (A, R & SA) and the Chairman, Green University Committee

The Green Innovation Competition was embraced well by the students and the turnout was commendable. The competition provided a platform for awareness creation on the Green University initiative which created interest, stimulated creativity and continues to instill a green entrepreneurial culture at Karatina university and with the community at large.

Schools and Departments

The School of Agriculture and Biotechnology aims at training highly skilled manpower for the Kenyan Agricultural sector. The School currently offers several undergraduate programs that include Horticulture; Food Science and Nutrition; Agricultural Economics and Resource Management; Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.

The School comprises of three departments namely:-
- Food Science and Nutrition
- Agricultural Resource Economics & Economics
- Crop Science
-

The School of Business (SoB) aims at producing managers and business leaders of international repute. We strive to achieve this through imparting our students with best management and entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and practices that are globally accepted. Our students are given the requisite skills that are vital in management and growth of the economy.

The School has four Departments namely:
- Department of Business and Entrepreneurship
- Department of Human Resources Development
- Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management
- Department of Economics
-

The School of Education and Social Sciences aims at producing graduates who will serve in various capacities in the Education sector, Social welfare organizations and Government agencies locally and internationally. This School has positioned itself for the realization of the National Vision 2030 by developing programs that address the social and political pillars envisaged in the vision.
The School has five departments namely:
- Department of Humanities & Languages
- Department of Social Sciences
- Department of Education Foundation
- Department of Planning and Curriculum
- Department of Psychology and Communication Technology
-

The School of Natural Resources & Environmental Studies is dedicated and receptive to engagements for mutual benefit to the society and the graduates. Its mandate is to create an avenue for information interchange pertaining to Natural Resources Management for a better today and tomorrow. The School empowers graduates with appropriate knowledge and skills necessary in promoting entrepreneurship and community development in natural resources utilization and conservation of the environment.

It comprises two departments namely:
- Department of Natural Resources
- Department of Environmental Studies
-

The School of Pure and Applied Sciences (SPAS) aims at producing professional scientists for careers in industry, teaching and research. The school focuses on imparting knowledge in the areas of chemical, biological, Actuarial and information technology sciences. Our programs are designed to ensure that graduates are equipped with practical and intellectual skills relevant to the needs of the society.

 The Departments in this school include:
- Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Actuarial Sciences
- Department of Computer Science
- Department of Physical Sciences
- Department of Biological Sciences   
-

Request for Proposals: 2020 Digital Infrastructure Research


Individuals, Organizations (nonprofit and for-profit), and Academic Institutions.

Organizations based outside of the United States are encouraged to apply

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